For more than 25 years, Compagnie des Alpes, a leading player in the European leisure industry, has operated the biggest ski resorts in the French Alps and Europe’s most distinctive leisure parks.

It is now exporting its unique know-how in design and contracting support services for mountain resorts, leisure parks and indoor leisure projects, creating exceptional leisure activities for everyone with a strong local and regional identity, and the aim of creating value for all.

Compagnie des Alpes by numbers*

*data from September 30, 2017

in the world for ski resorts
762,2 M€
million euros in sales
in Europe for leisure parks and indoor leisure
24 sites
24 sites
24 sites
22,9 million visits
million visits
Moutain resorts
11 Moutain resorts
Leisure parks and indoor leisure sites
13 Leisure parks and indoor leisure sites
million skier-days
million visits

Other indicators

4696 4696 FTE positions
FTE positions
92 % 92 of ski areas total surface left natural
of ski areas total surface left natural
75% 75% of leisure parks keep at least 1/3 of their area in a natural state
of leisure parks keep at least 1/3 of their area in a natural state

3 markets


Site operation

Site operation is available with various adaptable options, under a long-term concession contract or working under a management mandate.

In the mountains, the operating companies of Compagnie des Alpes equip, maintain and operate Ski areas. They handle everything from the ascent (ski lifts), and the descent (trail maintenance, snow plowing, snowmaking) to reception (ticket booths, waiting lines).

Leisure park operation involves offering a variety of services to visitors, in terms of attractions as well as shows (perennial or one-time performances), general ambiance (theme, leisure spaces), ease of orientation (signage, visit itinerary), and complementary services (restauration and boutiques).

Concept and content creation

The Compagnie des Alpes creates multiple kinds of innovative content for all the Group’s sites: master planning expertise, storytelling, themes, style guide and benchmarking. The enterprise also surrounds itself with the best creative consultants in the field of concept development (stage design, special effects, scenery, music, lighting, etc…).

Engineering and equipment installation

All the Group’s expertise is used in studies and project ownership for different types of sites to build, equip, or modernize. They are most notably recognized for their technical expertise in ski lifts, which are deployed in leisure parks and indoor leisure sites.

Promotion and marketing

Over the years, the Group has learned a lot about its clients, both intermediary and direct clients, enabling them to now benefit from a real strength on a regional, national and international scale.

A strategy combining deployment and loyalty-building is implemented at each of the Group’s sites : B-to-B market analysis (works councils, resellers, tourism professionals, schools, leisure centers, associations, large-scale distribution and net-players), client knowledge from reliable databases using a high-performing, regularly updated CRM tool, adapted sales policies, implementing sales tools both online and off, integrating complementary offerings…

Advice, assistance with contracting and management assistance

A dedicated subsidiary, CDA Management, proposes the expertise of a Group operator for the study and creation of new sites, including concept elaboration, site positioning, planning all operations, construction assistance, launch preparation and operational assistance.


The Compagnie des Alpes has adopted a decentralized structure allowing it to combine the flexibility of the local level with the efficacy of overall direction of the Group. 

The operating companies are led by an operational team who knows the local issues well. They are fully responsible for field operations and the results of the companies they manage. Most notably, they have a great deal of autonomy in their associates’ recruitment policy and the organization of activities (programming, maintenance, safety). They are also in charge of local application of policies defined by Compagnie des Alpes in domains ranging from everything from investments and marketing to pricing policies and client databases.  

The parent company Compagnie des Alpes is at the center of the network comprising the Group’s companies. Relying on key functional units, it is the place where the Group’s orientations and development are conceived.

The Compagnie des Alpes is a limited liability company with a Board of Directors. The Chairman and Chief Executive is supported by a Deputy Managing Director. The Executive Committee is made up of 8 members.

Executive committee

Dominique MARCEL

Chairman and Chief executive officer
Also Chairman of the Strategy Committee

An inspector general of finance, Dominique Marcel holds a DEA in economics and is a graduate of Sciences Po. Upon graduating from the École Nationale d'Administration (ENA) in 1983, he was appointed as an administrateur civil (a high-ranking civil servant) at the Treasury Department and served as an advisor within various cabinets. In 1995, he became Deputy Director of dsavings, retirement provisions and financial markets at the Treasury Department. In 1997, he was appointed cabinet director for the minister of employment and solidarity, then Deputy Director of the Prime minister's cabinet in 2000. He joined the Caisse des Dépôts group in november 2003 as Director of Finance and Strategy. While performing this role he took up directorship posts at companies including ACCOR, DEXIA and CNP Assurance and played a key role in the spin-off from the Caisses d’Epargne and Banques Populaires. Having served as chairman of the C
ompagnie des Alpes supervisory Board and Strategy committee from 2005, in october 2008 he assumed the role of chairman of the Management Board, before taking over as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in march 2009. In october 2014, the chairman of Caisse des Dépôts also entrusted Dominique Marcel with responsibility for monitoring and managing all the group's activities in the tourism sector.

Reppointed march 14, 2013 (first appointed march 19, 2009) – term of office expires: 2017
Main position: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Compagnie des Alpes Group

Other mandates and duties within the Compagnie des Alpes Group:
- Chairman of Compagnie des alpes-Domaine skiables SAS (CDA-DS),
- Director of Grévin et Compagnie SA,
- Permanent representative of CDA on the Board of Directors of Compagnie 
du Mont-Blanc (CMB),
- Chairman of the supervisory Board of société du Parc du Futuroscope.

Other mandates and duties outside the Group:
- Responsible for monitoring and managing all the activities of the CDC group in the tourism sector,
- Director of Société du Grand Théâtre des Champs-Elysées (CDC group),
- hairman of the Board of Directors of CDC Infrastructure (CDC group),
- Director of Eiffage SA (listed company).

Other key mandates formerly held by Dominique Marcel in the last five years: None.
Number of CDA shares held: 8,919


Deputy managing director
A graduate of HEC and ENA, Agnès Pannier-Runacher started her career as an inspector of finance at the Ministry of finance in 2000. After spending three years as Chief of staff at Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris from 2003 to 2006, responsible for economic and financial management, she was appointed as Deputy Director of finance and strategy and Head of equity and development at the Caisse des Dépôts group in september 2006. At the beginning of 2009 she was involved in setting up fonds stratégique d’investissement (FSI) and became a member of its Executive committee, where she was responsible for managing an investment portfolio, as well as for financial management and the portfolio strategy. She left to join Faurecia Interior Systems at the end of 2011, where she was appointed as Head of the R&D Division for Tata-Jaguar Land Rover, GM Europe and Volvo. In this role she manages product development for new vehicles, as well as commercial relations with her clients.
Appointed by the Board of Directors on December 18, 2012 – Term of office expires: open-ended term.

Other mandates and duties within the Compagnie des Alpes Group:
- Member of the supervisory Board of société du Parc du Futuroscope,
- Permanent representative of CDA on the Board of Directors of Grévin et Compagnie SA,
- Administrator of Compagnie du Mont-Blanc (CMB)
- Administrator of SAS Skigloo.

Other mandates and duties outside the Group:
- Independent administrator and Chairwoman of the audit committee of the Bourbon group (listed company),
- Administrator of the BPI group,
- Member of the supervisory Board of SAS Cryptolog,
- Member of the supervisory Board of SA Elis.

Other mandates formerly held by Agnès Pannier-Runacher:
- Administrator of FSI PME Portefeuille, Financière Transdev, BPIfrance Investissement, Icade, de Qualium Investissement,
- Member of the supervisory Board of Société Nationale Immobilière.

Number of CDA shares held: 730 shares, held via the CDA Actionnariat employee investment fund. As she is not a beneficiary of CDA's performance share awards, Agnès Pannier-Runacher has decided to invest all the profit-sharing amounts received in 2015 (€10,978 net) in CDA shares by paying these amounts into the above fund.

François FASSIER

Director of Leisure parks Operations
Appointed on November 4, 2013. Joined the Group in October 2006.
A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers in Paris and has been involved in the leisure parks sector for almost 20 years. He has held roles including technical Director of Parks and Disney village at Disneyland Paris. He joined the Compagnie des Alpes Group in 2006 as Director of parks in Belgium, before becoming Director of parks in northern france (including Parc Astérix) in 2007 and Industrial Department Director in 2010. He has been a member of the Cxecutive committee since December 1, 2010.


Head of Ski area operations
Appointed on January 1, 2012. Joined the Group in 1996.
David Ponson is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers in Paris. He joined Compagnie des Alpes in 1996 as Technical manager for operation and quality at STAG (Société des Téléphériques de l’Aiguille Grive – Peisey Vallandry). In 1998 he took over as Head of the ski lift and slope operation department. He joined SEVABEL (Les Menuires) in March 2002, taking up the role of Managing Director and coordinator of 3 vallées (Méribel – Les Menuires). On January 1, 2012 he was appointed as Head of ski area operations for Espace Killy and 3 vallées and joined the Executive committee. In May 2016, he extends the scope of his responsibilities to cover the whole division. David is also President of the Savoie section of Domaines Skiables de France.

Laurent CHELLE

Director for the Development and Attractiveness of Mountain Destinations
Appointed on June 1, 2016. Joined the Group in 2002.
A graduate of Grenoble EM (School of Management), and having previously worked in tourism and accommodation, Laurent Chelle joined la Compagnie des Alpes in 2002 as Marketing Director at SELALP (Société d’Exploitation de la Liaison les Arcs la Plagne). Within this role, he was responsible for setting up the Paradiski ski area developing its sales and marketing.
From 2005 to 2010, he took on general management responsibilities for SCSD (Serre Chevalier Ski Development) at SMA (Société les Montagne de l’Arc), STAG and ADS (Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry). In June 2015, his role was expanded to Assistant Director of Operations for Paradiski. He enters the COMEX on June 1, 2016 as Director for the Development and Attractiveness of Mountain Destinations.

Delphine PONS

Director of International Development and New Businesses
Appointed on October 1, 2013. Joined the Group in May 2005.
Delphine Pons graduated from ESSEC and began her career at the Strategy Department of Deloitte Consulting/Braxton Associates as a consultant, before taking up a managerial role. She joined Compagnie des Alpes in May 2005 as Head of leisure parks strategic planning. From September 2005, she served as Director of leisure parks strategic marketing and subsequently as Director of Group sales & marketing from September 2009. In this role she was responsible for driving the commercial and marketing policy for Group ski areas and leisure parks. Delphine has been in charge of international development and new business since October 2013.


Group Chief Financial Officer
Appointed and joined the Group on September 2, 2015.
Denis Hermesse began as an auditor at PWC, he then held several positions at Walibi Group, for 11 years, from 1995 to 2006, the last of which was VP Finance Europe.
He then joined the I.R.I.S. Group, which has legal entities in the United States, in Asia and in Scandinavia. He worked there during 9 years as CFO, being also in charge of IT, Risk and Insurance.


Group Communications Director
Appointed on January 1, 2011 .Joined the Group on June 12, 2006.
Sandra Picard graduated from ESC Bordeaux and held various positions within Eurodisney SCA from 1996. After joining the Group as a management controller, she assumed responsibility for Investor Relations in 2000. She joined Compagnie des Alpes in June 2006 in the role of Public Relations and internal communications manager for leisure parks. In october 2009 she was appointed as Group Communications Director with responsibility for corporate, internal and financial communication.

Board of directors

Dominique MARCEL, Chairman and Chief Executive Dot Virginie FERNANDES, Vice-President of the Board of Directors, Permanent representative of Caisse des Dépôts (CDC), Member of the Strategy Committee and of the Appointments and Compensation Committee Dot Jean-Yves BARNAVON, Permanent representative of CRCAM - Crédit agricole des Savoie, Member of the Strategy Committee Dot Jean-François BLAS, Permanent representative of SOFIVAL, Member of the Strategy Committee Dot Giorgio FRASCA, Independent Director, Member of the Audit and Accounts Committee and of the Strategy Committee, Member and President of the Appointments and Compensation Committee Dot Antoine GOSSET-GRAINVILLE, Director, President of the Audit and Accounts Committee Dot Maria PAUBLANT, Permanent representative of Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Dot Noëlle LENOIR, Independent Director, Member of the Strategy Committee Dot Carole MONTILLET, Independent Director Dot Rachel PICARD, Independent Director, Member of the Strategy Committee Dot Bénédicte DAVY, Permanent representative of Caisse d'Épargne Rhône Alpes, Member of the Audit and Accounts Committee and of the Appointments and Compensation Committee Dot Francis SZPINER, Director Dot Jacques MAILLOT, Moderator Dot


  • 1989

    Creation of Compagnie des Alpes

    The French institution Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations created Compagnie des Alpes to correct the French ski area economic sector.
  • 1994

    Introduced on stock market

    CDA introduced on stock market in Paris’s second largest market for mid-size companies.
  • 2002

    Diversification into leisure parks

    The friendly take-over of the capital of Grévin & Cie is the start of diversification into leisure parks.
  • 2005

    Balance of activity

    Through a more proactive policy on external growth, the Compagnie des Alpes balances its activity and becomes an essential stakeholder in European leisure parks.
  • 2009

    Rationalization and strategic refocusing

    Reorganization undertaken to enable more industrialized and integrated operations across all sites, in line with the Company’s development ambitions. Capital increase of €100 million and €200 million bond issue.
  • 2011

    CDA Management's initial developments

    Initial development of CDA Management with the signing of the first consulting contracts for project management and operation assistance in both activities.
  • 2012

    Expansion of activity

    Launch of Foncière Rénovation Montagne to renovate and commercialize mountain lodging. Simultaneously, launch of Alpes Ski Résa site for online sales.
  • 2012

    New concept and strategic fine-tuning

    Clients “Very High Satisfaction” concept launched at leisure parks. Results guidance announced to the market for the first time.
  • 2014

    Increase in pace of international expansion

    In Russia, Compagnie des Alpes produced the master plans for three ski resorts and one leisure park in Moscow. In China, the Group is providing support to the Chinese authorities for the first season at Thaiwoo. Lastly, in Japan it pursues its strategic partnership with the MacEarth group.

Corporate, Social and Environmental responsibility

The very nature of the activities of Compagnie des Alpes heightens the group responsibility to the environments in which it operates. Constantly looking to address this, the group takes action on many fronts.

Respect for the natural environment of our sites

The preservation of the amazing natural capital of Compagnie des Alpes’ sites is at the heart of the initiatives undertaken by the group, which concentrates its efforts on reducing its environmental impact, particularly in relation to energy, water, and biodiversity. To respond to biodiversity issues, the group is developing nature Observatories in each of its ski areas. There are now nine of these, which enable the impact that operations and development have on all aspects of the environment to be monitored, on flora and fauna, landscape, water and specific biotopes. Compagnie des Alpes is gradually reducing the number of ski lifts and overhead power lines at its sites, with the aim of ensuring that the new lifts now being designed have less of a visual impact on the sites, especially in summer.

An innovative social policy

With just over 5,000 employees, of which 60% are seasonal, the group aims to promote innovative initiatives and to foster closer relationships between management and staff on an ongoing  basis. Most Compagnie des Alpes employees do not necessarily require specific initial training programs, but rather a suitable personality for the activity and a taste for the leisure sector. These characteristics have a strong impact on the group’s social policy, which has centered on three core areas since 2011: integration, secure employment and employability through the development of skills. Moreover, the Very High Satisfaction of employees is essential to the Very High Satisfaction of customers. With the support of its institutional partners, the group has put in place initiatives in this area, both locally and globally. It creates cross-over opportunities between activities (winter work in ski areas, summer work in leisure parks), establishes links with local employers with different seasonal profiles, and offers training courses during the low season. In addition to staff representative bodies ateach site, Compagnie des Alpes has set up a group works council on a national basis and a European-wide works council (established in december 2014). On average, 55 collective agreements are signed each year.

Long-standing commitment to local areas

As a beneficiary of the regional development policies for the areas in which it operates, the group plays an important role in their economic and social fabric, in terms of employment, social responsibility, and the promotion of these areas. Its activity also generates a significant amount of indirect employment: shops, transport, realtors, ski classes, partnerships with local cultural and commercial brands, and  local companies (maintenance, servicing, catering, etc). Moreover, the group is a major contributor to resources used by regional authorities for site development and social solidarity, through the various levies and taxes it pays. Lastly, through its sites, the group is involved in support actions and local partnerships, as well as humanitarian and charity partnerships.


Compagnie des Alpes respects the natural state of its sites

The leisure parks leaves at least 75% of their area in a natural state (forest, marsh or sand). Only 25% is used.
The ski areas leave 92% of their area in either a natural state or use it for agricultural purposes in off-season. Only 8% is used.
No chemical transformation is made and no additives are used. Water abstracted from nature (882% of water used is captured locally) is recovered during the thaw.
92 %
Amount of renewable electrical energy consumed in our ski areas

Gender parity

38 % In Executive Committee
38 %
In Executive Committee
46 % In management
46 %
In management

Social responsibility

Number of people having followed a formation during the 2015/2016 FY
58 %
Percentage of non-permanent staff in the company